Thank you for my 22 Birthday.

Actually, my birthday was yesterday, December 1st.

I had a really nice day, even my country is still in bad politics mood. I think you guys might have heard about it. What should I say? It happened in improper date and time. In my opinion, December is the best month of the year that should be filled with plenty love and joy.

Anyway, politics cannot kill my joyous Christmas soul. ha ha

I got plenty of gifts. Well, thanks to you all who came to my Facebook wall and post lovely wishes. I’m appreciated so much. I want to post birthday fan art gifts for myself to open this entry and watch it again and again. ^q^


Sarail drew me with many……guys…. ////// *blush* My dearest king, Reitiz my love, Duke Glen my master, kitty witty cat Kei-kun, captain Muller, Dieche my dark lord,  Mr. Milford my sweet heart, little kids Itzel, Engale, Perth, and little squirrel Bryce. <3

RM Parfait drew me. Too beautiful //// I miss you so much my hobbit. : D

From my dear old friend, yet still my close friend, [Aqua&Zircon]. Ronove the pirate is slicing his favorite salmon. hahaha LOVE THIS!!

Sorry princess Homfoong , this is my 22nd birthday. lol But thank a lot for being my food friend as always. <3

Allenkung1  and Sherrae surprised me with 3 pounds cake and a treasure box. //// THX THX THX a lot!!!! This means the world to me.


Sweet heart EM-EM and my request of me in nude pose with lavender. It looks really like me…  Yeah you know… I prefer nudity.

Ferrari is always my inspiration of drawing kinda minimal concept and looks so good. She is really talented on. Thank you my Fer. <3

My old school friend makes these card every year since I graduated from high school. I miss her a lot.

Haha , this fox !!!!  Came from a prank I played to my college friend that when he said something important, I disturbed him with fox’s sound. Ring ding dingdingdingdingdingding ♫ I never thought he would bought me this.

Mii-Mork painted a coffe mug for me. <3 <3 Owwww so sweet so special. Thank you ////// I love you. I will drink coffee with that much cheerful face.

Forndiz Mcderson  from Saji and Mamai. Hey, this work surprised me quite a lot. I never know you two are really this great!!! Thank you!!!

Mana DKK, she is a great watercolor artist I ever see in a person. Her art, her tone is real exotic, extraordinary and remarkable. Thank you a lot!!!


This pic from my brother, Ben. He took this pic at our coffee shop. Great shot Bro!!

Thank you again to you all. Love y’all


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  1. boon says:

    สุขสันต์วันเกิดย้อนหลังฮ่ะะ <3

  2. Kor says:

    Happy Belated Birthday ka! :)

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