Miyatake Sushi at Isetan, Central World

My stomach is longing for salmon sashimi. From many place I’ve tried, Miyatake at Central World is my favorite choice. It takes place on a small corner in Central World, Bangkok, with small counter table and individual chairs, face to face with sushi chef, and the good thing is no service charge and any vat included.


Ikura /aka Salmon eggs taste was delectable, started with a little bit salty, end with moist and then watery crunched in the mouth.

Anyway, today I can give only short food blogging, cuz I’m working hard on midterm exam. Please pray for me. :)

Love Y’all

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  1. miimork says:

    โอ๊ยย นุ้งเคียย หิววว อ่ากก จะไปหาแซลมอนกินบ้างงงงง

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