Garden after rain




Two days non-stop raining, really makes me want to sleep all day and chat all night.

I hate it when my shoes get soak, but I admit that hot sweet coffee in this moment flies me to the moon.

Some of these pictures I took in my house garden, others in my shop.

Have a nice day, guys


Love y’all.


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  1. allenkung1 says:

    อ๊ากกกกกกกกสวยยย อยากไปกินหมึกแผ่นในสวนนน

    1. kyokazuu says:


  2. mtphotoii says:

    Wonderful collection of shots!!

    In the first one – that looks like a great place to just sit and enjoy nature : )

    – Michael

    1. kyokazuu says:

      I’m following you already! Your photos are extraordinary beautiful<3

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