Venetian. – Watercolor Step Painting


It was a year ago, this pic. The first time I paint a full picture of watercolor from travel photo-book. I shared these step in my old blog, but since I doubt my old blog can be terminated my spam anytime, it might be a good idea to write here so.

That day was August 16, 2012 , my big day that change my watercolor style forever.

What was my style before this pic?  hmm… May be next or next next painting entry I will tell you. I have long story to share about my work. But now, please enjoy this.


My teacher came up with full of perspective picture, took me 2 hours using ruler and pencil draw lines from a dot to other side of paper. 


I used

  • Windsor&Newton’s Cotman watercolor normal grade
  • pencil
  • Canson 300 gram, rough face

I‘ll tell you. It was a hard time. Really tough doing this. Me, in a year ago never finish watercolor work with full coloring. My old style was pale shading and light. Next step was my real new discovery. I tried so hard not to resist that I can do this.

And yeah…at last, I can. 




It’s done


Yup, that’s all for today. If you have question, suggestion or any comment, please don’t hesitate to give me one.

Love Y’all


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  1. 510light says:


    1. kyokazuu says:

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  2. mtphotoii says:

    Stunning watercolor!

    Love all the details!

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