Dining in the Dark at “OPPOSITE MESS-HALL”


It was late night dining for me when my colleagues ask me to join dinner at the restaurant named “Opposite Mess Hall” .

I was like….. What is that name again?

And then at 6.30, I arrived, and I found that name fit this place right.

hmm… Basic info





Decoration inside was simple and clean, but quite dark and hard to see anything. Besides, atmosphere was warm and comfort, and easily made me feel fit in.




Then from next course, my friend lent me his flashlight from mobile phone, which made everything get better. lol




End up with sweets. I ordered whisky ice-cream that I never expect them to pour 1 shot of whisky inside. Oh my god, it was a bit drizzled in my head.

Lastly, salted caramel chocolate crust. Full of flavor and completed our meal perfectly.



  • How can I explain all of the feeling to you… Hmmm…
  • In the picture, it seem to be a normal comfort food, but when you take a bite, it was completely different. The taste was so complicate, so nice, so natural and captivates you to have one more bite, and more, and more….
  • Foe those who are not familiar with strange food may not like them much, but for me, it was a great meal, really.

That was all for today.

Love Y’all.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. asmxhf says:

    I can only say i love food blogging 5555555

    1. kyokazuu says:

      5555555 เล่นบลอกนี้เหมือนมีที่ลงระบายอารมณ์อร่อยของตัวเอง

  2. หมี says:

    โว้วว หิวววววว

  3. หมายิ้มบินได้ says:

    ชอบบรรยากาศร้านมืดๆแบบนี้ชะมัด แต่คงกินกันยากน่าดู

    1. kyokazuu says:

      เห็นอยู่บ้างนะจ๊ะตอนกิน แต่ไม่มองไม่ออกว่าที่ตักๆอยู่มันคืออะไร 5555

  4. ggchu says:

    คือแบบ น่ากินมากกกกก

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