Early Winter Elegant Teatime Photo-shoots


Cloudy day,

Luckily I  got 2 days off from college, so I came back to my home town, Petchburi. Now I think that every area of Thailand is covered with grey cloud before rain.

This morning, I read a beautiful dessert recipe book. It contains a lot of gorgeous food stylish photo-shoot. Then I came up with a lovely idea to take this day for doing it.

I never told you guys before that my mom owned a little Thai dessert shop in Petchburi. My brother asked me several times to help him promote our products. Yeah, lots of resources given. I enjoyed thinking of setting props, theme, and those kind of stuffs.


Borrowed them from next door souvenir shop. They sell antique goods which matches my idea. The theme is ELEGANT TEA PARTY.

Let’s see how it looks like.

Begin with Royal Espresso, perfect shot with gold creama and  Sweet acrid jaggery (palm sugar) Almond Chiffon.


Moh-Kaeng Egg Tart, this special menu freshly bake for crispy texture outside, and smooth moistly melt in the mouth egg filling.

Pineapple Biscuit, Croissant, and pastry fulfilling your perfect tea time.

Thai-Portuguese golden threads, made by sugar, duck egg yolk.etc


End up with Chocolate Affogato, vanilla ice-cream served in hot chocolate and strawberry syrup.

It was fun for today. (To sum up I used 8 tea towels for this set of photo-shoot. lol )

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask me or give me a feedback.

Love y’all.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Penn Sivakul says:

    This is awesome! Great photos and yummy sweets.

  2. asmxhf says:

    This would be a perfect set up for our picnic next time<3 (If we could LOL)
    Would like to go to your house once!

    1. kyokazuu says:

      I'll looking forward to have a splendid picnic with you ( if we cut the prop off and it could still called splendid. lol). Miss you a lot, princess.

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