Wednesday Night at Isao Fusion Japanese Sushi Bar


Food trend in Thailand shifted from Italian cuisine 5-10 years ago, to Japanese cuisine. I enjoy trying read internet review of extraordinary sushi bar that can give me more than good quality of ingredients from suppliers. Then I found a post of this place, Isao. It is well-known as Japanese fusion style food with creative way of presentation, and complicated flavor you can never deny.


It takes place at  5, Sukhumvit31, Bangkok, Thailand
Open daily 11.00 am- 2.30 pm and 5.30 – 10.00 pm
Contact +662-258-0645
It was very nice dining. I felt so great, umm, so many words to explain about each menu but tonight I’m full in my stomach and really sleepy. lol
Question me if you want to know the detail anyway. 
Love y’all

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  1. sarail says:

    EAT EM ALL !!!!!!

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