2 pm in Bangkok was sunny, hot and humid, but now we are covered up with bunch of rain cloud. I don’t have a clue when my window will be soaked by rain.

Thing is … I miss one old memorable meal I ever had with my classmate I studied Japanese with in high school. Our sensei… her name was Bandou Mayumi. I permanently remember this name because of her strictness.

One class she  taught us Japanese basic food, some kind like Okonomiyaki, onigiri, sweet eggs.etc

And it’s for today <3


◣◣ Firstly, there’s something to do with Japanese rice, which is quite different from jasmine rice or what ever you cook. This rice cover with milkweed that will be tough to eat and not smooth. You need to soak in water for 30-60 mins 

◣◣After soak, drain and add water in proper amount 1:1 with rice. Generally, we always add water bigger amount than rice, but for onigiri, we have some liquid to add later. Then cook in the rice cooker.


◣◣ As I told you that we add extra liquid later, here it is.

  • 5 Tbsp. vinegar

  • 3 tsp. sugar

  • pinch of salt

Mix together.


◣◣ And I take my freestyle making it.

  1. pour the liquid to the rice. Watch out, you need to look. Don’t EVER pour ALL, taste it by the way you mix it.
  2. For sweet egg, mix 2 eggs with little sugar, fry in low heat and stir until done. No need for good looking, you’ll chop it up anyway.
  3. I use Jap seasoning powder for obento, mix in rice for color and good taste.
  4. Salmon, which I didn’t take photo, just chop it.
  5. Remember that onigiri is just a rice ball. The topping inside is not specific at all. Use your local ingredients help you saving cost.

◣◣Next step was messy… So I found great photo that easily explain how to wrap it up.


From THIS LINK , you’ll find various way to wrap the rice ball up. It’s easy don’t be scared.

Onigiri rice ball is very simple and stomach full food, sincerely, good for one big hungry day.

And that’s all for today

Love y’all.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. sarail says:

    I found English enough for today(in my exam)
    ดูแต่รูป ขอกินคำ5555555

    1. kyokazuu says:

      อ้าปาก 55555

  2. hikarurin says:

    ตามเข้ามากิน… หงับหงับหงับ -)w-)”

  3. Looks good! I love making (& eating) onigiri! I almost never bother soaking Japanese rice, though, and it still turns out fine! (I use a 115% water-to-rice ratio).

    1. kyokazuu says:

      It depends on the rice, I think. In Thailand we have Japanese rice that crops in the country. Look the same but texture is different. I never use the import brand also, may be it’s like you said.
      For the water, yeah, me too 115% ratio
      Thank you for your comment and sorry for my poor English. : )

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